Saturday, 11 April 2015

After Effects CS Getting Started

After Effects CS Getting Started

1) Start After Effects CS

2) Save Project

Save as “countdown”
Project is saved as countdown.aep

3) Import files

Go to menu bar. Select File/Import/File…
Assuming that you are using Windows XP, locate the following file: C:\WINDOWS\clock.avi
Or download from here.
Double-click the file name.
Test the movie by playing it.
Close the movie preview window.

4) Time Line Panel

Drag the movie into the Time Line Panel.
A new composition is created.
5) Previewing Composition
Click the Play button in Preview button.
You may not hear the sound.
Go to menu bar. Select Composition/Preview/RAM Preview.

5) Export

We are going to export the object in various formats.
5.1) Export as a movie
5.2) Export as an audio.
5.3) Export as image sequence.

6) Close Project

Go to menu bar. Select File/Close Project.
No need to save your project.

7) Additional exercise

Create a new project “newcountdown” Import all the exported media in step 5 and reconstruct the clock movie.
You may notice that the first two media were not correctly imported.
Press CTRL-Z to undo import.
Perform 3-step import as follows:
1) Import the movie
2) Import the audio
3) Import all images.
Select all images and drag them to Time Line Panel.
In New Composition from selection window, select clock_01.png as dimension reference.
Finally add the audio file.
Export your movie as QuickTime format.

8) Download

Download the QuickTime format here.

(Download Sample) Resume For Job Application

Click the drop-down button to download the document and modify the content.

[Your Name]
[Street Address] | [City, ST ZIP Code] | [phone] | [email]
[To replace tip text with your own, just select a line of text and start typing. For best results when selecting text to copy or replace, don’t include space to the right of the characters in your selection.]
* [School Name, City, State]
* [Degree] | [Date of Graduation]
* [Major]
* [You might want to include your GPA here and a brief summary of relevant coursework, awards, and honors]
[Dates From - To]
[Job Title] | [Company] | [Location]
[This is the place for a brief summary of your key responsibilities and most stellar accomplishments.]
[Dates From - To]
[Job Title] | [Company] | [Location]
[This is the place for a brief summary of your key responsibilities and most stellar accomplishments.]
Awards and Acknowledgments
* [Don’t be shy – list the acknowledgments you received for a job well done.]

(Download Sample) Cover Letter For Job Application

Click the drop-down button to download the document and modify the content.


[Your Name]
[Address] | [City, ST ZIP Code] | [Telephone] | [Email]
[Recipient Name]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
Dear [Recipient]:
If you’re ready to write, just select this tip text and start typing to replace it with your own. Don’t include space to the right or left of the characters in your selection.
Apply any text formatting you see in this letter with just a click from the Home tab, in the Styles group.
Wondering what to include in your cover letter? It’s a good idea to include key points about why you’re a great fit for the company and the best choice for the specific job. Of course, don’t forget to ask for the interview—but keep it brief! A cover letter shouldn’t read like a novel, no matter how great a plot you’ve got.
[Your Name]

Download and Install After Effects Win XP 32 bit

Download and Install After Effects For Windows XP
Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production. Among other things, After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing and animation. It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor and media transcoder.
(Source: Wikipedia)
The last version of Adobe After Effects that supports Windows XP 32 bit is Adobe After Effects CS4. Nevertheless, if your computer is only capable of running Windows XP 32 bit don’t be upset so much as most of the basic tasks in recent version are also available in Adobe After Effects CS4.
At the time of this writing, this version is still available for download from Adobe official site.

1) Download After Effects CS4 and related software

  1. Download After Effects from official site
  1. Download Apple Quick Time for movie playback

2) Install

Install both After Affects and QuickTime.

3) Run for the first time


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Crystal Report 2013 Select Records

Crystal Report 2013 Select Records

1) Create a new report

1.1) Go to menu bar. Select File/New/Standard Report
1.2) Select Customer table and click Next
1.3) Select Customer Name, Last Year’s Sales, Region and Country
1.4) Report is automatically generated based on your selection.

2) Select Records

Let’s say we want to select the country Brazil.
2.1) Click Select Expert (Record option)
2.2) Select Country in Choose Field window.
2.3) Select “is equal to” and “Brazil” in the input fields provided.
2.4) Select Refresh Data.
2.5) Outcome; Only Brazil is selected and displayed.

3) Select Formula

3.1) Click Select Record button again (refer Step 2.1)
Notice that your selection just now has been translated into formula.
3.2) Edit formula.
Change “Brazil” to “USA”.
3.3) Outcome; records from USA are selected and displayed now.

4) Formula Editor

Once you have understood how formula is written, you can start writing more complex formula.
4.1) Click Formula Editor in Select Expert window.
4.2) Highlight the text “USA” in the Formula Editor Panel.
4.3) Browse for sample data values.
4.4) Select Canada and click Paste Data button.
4.5) Outcome; Formula value has been changed to “Canada”.
4.6) Click “Save and Close” button in Formula Editor window.
4.7) Click “OK” in Select Expert window.
4.8) Outcome; report shows Canada records.
Save as customer-report-select-formula.rpt