Monday, 30 March 2015

How To Install Joomla 3 (Portable)

How To Install Joomla 3 (Portable)

This tutorial guides you to setup Joomla 3.4.1 on portable platform (UsbWebServer 8.6).

1) Download the packages

2) Extract the packages

2.1) Extract UsbWebServer 8.6 to C:\USBW86\
Notice the root folder.

2.2) Extract Joomla into the root folder

3) Run Server

3.1) Run the usbwebserver program
3.2) Check for green lights on UsbWebServer Control Panel

4) Create Database for Joomla

4.1) Run PHPMyAdmin
4.2) Log in using default credential.
4.4) Create a database, eg joomla341

5) Run Joomla Installation

Click Next.
5.2) Enter your database connection details.
If you get an error below, try changing the Database Type.
Try with MySQL and click Next.
5.3) Select Sample Data and click Install.
5.4) Remove installation folder
5.5) Try logging in using Admin credential.

6) Test Admin Control Panel

6.2) You should see the Admin Control Panel

7) Download

Download a complete installed package here.


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